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Kjell-Roger, who is weirded out by writing about himself in third person - but have heard it works great on these kinda pages, has been working with design since he was quite young. At age 15, after messing around in a pirated copy of Photoshop 4.0 for a few years (no worries he's been legit for years now Adobe lawyers), he landed himself a summer job as a webdesigner at a local callsenter company. After that he was certain he was going to make professional designer his job title.

Since then he has worked across a variety of fields within design as well as technology and new media. In 2009 he was hired as a Communications Advisor and worked promoting the small city of Kongsvinger in eastern Norway through design, new media and technology based stunts. After leaving he got hired as a designer and digital innovator at a chain of hairdressers. For a couple of years he worked freelance within a variety of design related fields - but mostly the web.

He now happily works as a designer with focus on UX and branding at Initial Force, a sports performance technology company.