Hello! I'm Kjell-Roger Ringstad, a designer and digitial consultant from Norway!
Hello! I'm Kjell-Roger Ringstad, a designer and digitial consultant from Norway!
I live and work from Trondheim, a city I love.
I was born in Kongsvinger and frequently visit.

I work with multidiciplinary design - in analog and digital formats. I started with graphics design and then expanded my knowledge into other fields. I got my first paid gig in 2001 and my passion grew. I now work with graphics- & webdesign and new media.

Quite fond of technology and new media, I have experience with handling and using these formats for design/communication based work. A good example is designing a solution for making Kongsvingers politicians completely digital.

I have worked as a designer & digital guy in Kongsvinger municipality with a goal of marketing an entire city and also for H2 - a chain of hair and beauty saloons to innovate. I worked with design, communication and digital innovation in a range of mediums. These jobs let me thrive creatively and always try new things - which has formed my craft in a big way.

I started my own little company in 2009 and now mainly freelance, working with a range of different clients.

As I was a very curious kid and teenager I learned most of my way around the design softwares from the internet and gained a lot of experience about how design should work through different online communities and designer friends. Since I started of fairly young I've had a learn-as-you-go approach to the work I've been doing, still do, also meaning I put in the extra effort to learn so I can deliver better work.

I did however attend some schools within the field of design, media and photography:

  • - Multimedia Design 2, Noroff
  • - Media 2: Photography, AFR
  • - Graphics design, AFR
  • - Multimedia Design, Noroff
  • When I worked in Kongsvinger municipality I was a part of the best team, within social media, in Norway. This brought me into holding talks and lectures. Over the last years I've held a number of talks on the subject of social media, how to use it and how to gain effect. I've also held workshops and presentations about other subjects, like design and technology.

    There's nothing quite like sharing what you know with people who are highly interested in the subject. I love learning stuff to others and it's a win/win situation as it forces me to put in more effort in staying on the top of my game. Also, seeing as I was quite a shy teenager, this has been one of the more giving experiences in my life.

    I love doing these and are always interested in talking about a range of different topics within design, communication and digital life.

    Photography has always been a passion of mine, mainly for use in designs, but I actually went to study photography and photojournalism when I needed a break from design. I also worked as a freelance photographer both in newspapers and studios

    Photography for me is more of a relaxing artistic expression, but I do however know how to handle my gear and frequently do smaller photography jobs. I also put some love into photo on my Instagram.

    When not working I'm quite a normal guy, I hang out with my friends, drink some beers in the weekend and chill out.

    A fanatic about music, live or home, sometimes also experiment with making music.

    I also nerd out with games and stuff on YouTube

    I enjoy the occasional cruise on my skateboard or longboard, as well as watching people that are really good at it.

    I'm also really into reading books and the more nerdier stuff like graphic novels.

    Oh, and I'm a mean laser tag player!

    So, here's my contact info, hope to hear from you!

  • Phone: +47 95 91 57 07
  • E-mail: kjell@ringstad.me
  • Skype: kjell-roger.
  • Twitter: @eijioftheforest
  • Instagram: kringstad
  • LinkedIn: kringstad