kongsvinger The region in the east of Norway, originally called Glåmdalsregion,  got a new name and a new vision in 2016. I was hired to do the branding for the regions communication materials.

The Kongsvinger region is one of the greenest and most enviromentally focused regions in Norway. As such “The Green driving force” (roughly translated) is the regions slogan. This was also the basis of the design brief, a focus on green industry and co-operation across munipalicities.

The driving force is the pins, which highlights three of the strongest contribution the region has; Norways biggest forest region, a logistic center for connection to Oslo and the rest of europe and green industry. The colors also represent these three focuses.

Together with the logo and pins I also designed a lot of iconography to be used in communication and presentations.

I also had the direction of ads and powerpoint presentations – I hold a freelance position as designer making these on the fly.